Our crew

In addition to all the volunteers that help us during the tournament, a crew of forty Windmill enthusiasts is working almost all year round to work out even the tiniest Windmill detail. Here is a list of awesome people that will bring you Windmill 2015:


The foundation of our tourney is built on over 100 volunteers. Wanna join the fun?


Tournament Directors

The Board

Crew members

Crew Hall of Fame

Since the first edition of Windmill Windup in 2005 a lot of people have played their part in organizing this amazing event. A huge thank you to everyone that has ever helped the Windmill Windup grow to its current status.

Fred Spanjaard
Frans Passchier
Tom Waijers
Michael Cummings
Aljaz Jazz Gabersek
Bram Steenhuisen

Les Kleuver
Lieke Hollander
Willemijn Schaap

Andy Smith
Annemarie Coevert
Ben Fleis
Bogdan Koetsier
Gitta Zaeschke
Iris Cedee
Jelte van Koperen
Job van der Heijden
Koen Alexander
Koop Reynders
Lennart Post
Liz Blink
Mara Kuipers
Nora Hulsink
Rogier Postma
Tess Scholten
Thijs Keukenmeester
Tim Kinter
Trevor Kalowinsky
Willem Koerts