Windmill Gear

Five Ultimate offical Windmill Merchandiser for 2015

The also have a special offer for teams this year:


We'll pay shipping and duties for team orders delivered at Windmill! This is in addition to our standard awesomeness: free art, no hidden fees, and the best customer service on the block!

Just get your order finalized by April 17, and you'll be looking like a boss without putting up too much cheddar. Hit us up at to get your order started.

Playing for a national team that needs gear? Have it delivered at Windmill and save some cash! You can check out our national team deals here:

Where has your Windmill gear been?

Windmill gear travels around. A lot. In this section we will display pictures of Windmill gear all over the world. So if you have an interesting photo of discs, shirts and hoodies with Herbie on it, do send it to us

Remember to always take your Windmill gear with you when you travel !

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