Team Hund Flach Werfen

Inactive team bid from previous years. Not registered for this year.







Team Info

We are also called "DogZilla", or "Captain Dog". We play competitive, high-fun and level ultimate, preferably while dancing to hard-minimalist-techno. We are becoming more adventurous and keen to cook more exotic dishes, experimenting with wilder flavours. Here are some delicious true-facts about us: 1. We all live in Berlin, but quite international team (1 Scot guy, 2 Ukrainian girls, 1 Czech girl, 1 Polish married couple, 1 Italian guy, 1 German girl (born in South Africa, grown up in Canada and now studying back in Berlin) & many other Germans with their own funny stories of the way getting to this world 2. We have 3, 2 meter tall players 3. We got a guy with the thinnest legs on Earth 4. We got a player been playing over twenty years, he got a walking stick 5. We got a guy more handsome than Tom Cruise 6. Some of our team have recently done altitude training in Kyrgyzstan 8. We got four doctors on the team - one a disc-trauma specialist 9. We got a player who lubricates his rubik's cube and can do it in under 1 minute 10. We have over 12 swing dancers in our team, if only they were as dedicated to ultimate 11. 50% of the team are vegans - the other players get to eat almost double! 12. There is no interesting fact #7 because we have one nerd in our team

Green Fee

Hund Flach Werfen is intending to pay the green team fee.

This team has not participated in Windmill before.

Road to Windmill 2018

Date Name Rank
Sunday, 11 September 2016 None ? / None
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