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Team Info

Hi Windmill-Crew and Participants I may introduce the Mosquitos, an Ultimate-Team from the small country called Austria (no kangaroos! ;) ). We started out as a Mixed-Team in 2008, when a small group in our little town of Klosterneuburg thought it would be fun to play some Ultimate. A few years and quite some work from a bunch of people later, we are proud to call ourselfs one of the biggest Ultimate-Clubs of Austria, with currently around 65 active members. We have a group of around 10 players among us, who have proven themselves in Austrias National Teams and some well known Open and Women Teams in the last few years. The international career of the Mosquitos as a Team only started in 2015 though, with our first attendance of the G-Spot Tournament in Ghent. And we loved it! And we want more! Now, our next goal is to take it one step further this year and also visit Amsterdam for the first time to introduce us to all the people and teams from all around the world. We sincerely hope for a Spot, so we can show everybody how a small Austrian town can provide high spirit, competitive Ultimate and great fun all a once. Yours, the Mosquitos

Green Fee

Mosquitos Ultimate Klosterneuburg is intending to pay the green team fee.

This team has not participated in Windmill before.

Road to Windmill 2018

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