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Team Info

We are a group of primarily American players (plus friends from abroad) looking to come play Windmill in 2017! Geo's has been to the last two editions of Windmill, and it's been an absolute blast. Along the way we've played with and made a bunch of European friends, and this year we're hoping to share the Windmill experience with some new club teammates from the US. As in years past, we're hoping to be a very competitive and spirited team that you can have a great time with both on and off the field.

Green Fee

Geo's Disc Throwers is intending to pay the green team fee.

Geo's Disc Throwers

Windmill Results

Year Rank Spirit
2015 8 / 24 11 / 24 11.13 (avg: 10.85 min: 8.0 max: 12.88)
2016 18 / 40 34 / 40 10.0 (avg: 10.90 min: 9.0 max: 12.38)

Road to Windmill 2017

Date Name Rank
Sunday, 14 June 2015 WIndmill 2015 8 / 24
Sunday, 5 June 2016 Windmill 2016 18 / 40
Sunday, 11 June 2017 Windmill 2017: Mixed 37 / 40
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