Team Amsterdam Mixed

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Team Info

So much to say! This team was formed out of an initiative to revitalize the Amsterdam Ultimate Community. The team consists of players who have consciously decided to focus on Mixed Ultimate. We're the love child of the Fresh Urbs and Rusty Bikes, with a twist of extra awesome frisbee lovers. As such, we combine years of world-level ultimate experience with world-level drunk partying. Moreover, we are lovers of nature and are dedicated to the protection of the endangered amphibious creature we all so dearly love - the landshark.

Green Fee

Amsterdam Mixed is intending to pay the green team fee.

This team has not participated in Windmill before.

Road to Windmill 2018

Date Name Rank
Saturday, 1 April 2017 Frozen Cherries 1 / 16
Sunday, 11 June 2017 Windmill 24 / 40
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