On Friday, June 9th 2017, Windmill kicks off again, a unique 3-day Ultimate Frisbee tournament powered by cheerful, hardworking and beautiful people like you. In order to ensure this year's tournament is another absolute hit, we ask you to please do one (or more) of the following:

(Please note: It is too early to confirm this is exactly how things will happen, these are based on previous years, confirmation coming soon)

  1. Pre-Tourney (Monday June 5th  - Thursday June 8th): help prepare Windmill for four days before it all starts. (This option is for players and non-players.)
  2. Tourney (Thursday June 8th - Sunday June 11th): you can help out behind the bar, in the kitchen, be part of the technical team etc. This crew puts a smile on everyone's face and has a great time together. (Non-players only.) 
  3. Post-Tourney (Monday June 12th - Tuesday June 13th): postpone your PTD* by helping us break down the tournament site. (Players and non-players.)  

* PTD: Post Tournament Depression

Food, drinks and camping are of course provided.

After the teams for Windmill 2017 have been selected, we’ll send you an email asking for more  information regarding your skills, talents, wishes, and availability. We’ll try to fit your tasks to your preferences.

Wait for us to confirm your volunteer position before you book any tickets.


The foundation of our tourney is built on over 100 volunteers. Wanna join the fun?


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