Tournament Info

Fees and Deadlines

Team Fee

  • Cost (if you pay your own traveling carbon footprint): €240 *
  • Cost (if we will pay your traveling carbon footprint): €190
  • Deadline: Tuesday, 28 March

* More info on the carbon footprint compensation program on our Green Windmill page.

Player's Fee

  • Cost: €80 per player
  • Deadline: Saturday, 15th of April

Non-Player's Fee

  • Cost: €50 (includes camping, breakfast/lunches, Friday + Saturday dinner)
  • Deadline: Saturday, 15 April

Bank Details

Bank Details

Name: Stichting Windmill 

Acct. Number: 673 5519

IBAN Number: NL37 INGB 000 673 5519


Bank Name: ING

Account Address: Vondelkerkstraat 9 hs, 1054KW, Amsterdam


Feel free to contact us

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Your team and players payments can be found specifically on your team page, which you can access via the secret link we have sent you. 

Also, you can see in general if we processed your payment on the following link.

We process the payments about once a week, so if you paid yesterday and don't see the payment today, please wait a week and check again. If you don't see your payment was processed after two weeks, feel free to contact us.