Tournament Info

The basics

At Windmill, we want to make sure that you enjoy every aspect of the tournament. This most definitely includes food. Our intention is to provide you with a few high quality meals during the tournament to ensure you stay fuelled for the games and nurtured for all the other events. We will also have a variety of snacks and sandwiches available for purchase throughout the day and don't forget to check out the variety of food vendors providing additional deliciousness such as lattes, fresh fruit shakes and much much more.


Mom always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Be sure to get your butt out of bed for a great assortment of spreads for bread, yoghurt, muesli, juice, coffee, and tea.

Fuel yourself throughout the day with a hearty lunch. We will be selling lunch and there will be vendors available. However, if you’re the resourceful type you’re welcome to make lunch out of the breakfast food free of charge.

Thursday Dinner

On Thursday are likely to have various dinner options for purchase on Iggy Square. More on that closer to the date. 

Friday & Saturday Dinner

Things are a changin'... Dinner is on us two nights in a row! Okay, well as dad always said there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but built into your player’s fee is dinner on Saturday night AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, Friday night as well.


This year we will, as always, have beer! Woot! Please refrain from bringing your own beer and purchase the beers at the Iggy!

Dietary Considerations?

We are going to try very hard to meet your dietary needs, so please contact us and we'll get our head food guy to discuss with you.

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